Eula Bingham

OSHA Director, 1977 - 1981
Interview on Workplace Safety

Eula Bingham was appointed Director of OSHA by President Jimmy Carter. She served in this leadership role through his administration from 1977 – 1981. During that time, OSHA implemented the revised occupational lead exposure standard and regulations on workers right to know about workplace hazards.

The Center for Construction Research and Training, CPWR, put together this video of excerpts from an interview with Eula Bingham as she reflects on her decades in the industry, including her nomination, appointment and time served as the head of OSHA.Play the video above to hear Eula Bingham's stories about her impressive career as a pioneer in workplace safety and health, or read through the transcript below.

The team at is passionate about safety and are thrilled to share this video as the second one in our Safety Masters series. The link to the entire transcript of her speech is below for you to read, be in awe of, learn from, be inspired by and share.

You will not find a transcript of this interview anywhere else! This is exclusive from If you have just a few minutes, we encourage you to just skim the transcript.  In this interview, Eula Bingham will remind you, with her stories, why you also hold worker safety close to your heart.

Eula Bingham's Interview on Workplace Safety
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