Safety Masters Video Series

Wisdom From Top Business Leaders on the Importance of Safety Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

The team at is passionate about safety and are thrilled to share these videos as the part of our Safety Masters series. The links to the entire transcript of each speech is made available just for you to read, be in awe of, learn from, be inspired by and share.

You will not find transcripts of these historical speeches anywhere else!

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Paul O'Neill

Mr. Paul O’Neill served as CEO at Alcoa for 13 years and Safety was his #1 Priority from his very first day on the job until the day he retired. He was the guy in charge of making sure his company made money, and yes, his focus to make that happen was Safety, which we find inspiring!

Eula Bingham

Eula Bingham was appointed Director of OSHA by President Jimmy Carter. She served in this leadership role through his administration from 1977 – 1981. This video includes excerpts from an interview with Eula Bingham as she reflects on her decades in the industry, including her nomination, appointment and time served as the head of OSHA.

Robin Sheremeta

As Teck’s Vice President of Health & Safety Leadership, Robin Sheremeta gave a great speech at the 2012 Teck Annual Meeting on Teck’s Safety Journey. In this speech, Robin Sheremeta will inspire you learn more about how values and beliefs play out in the way we behave as a culture as you work to create a connection between the heart and mind around safety.

Don Groover

As the Sr. Vice President of DEKRA Insight, Don Groover gave a passionate speech at the 2016  National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) Conference aimed at leaders, specifically on the topic of improving workplace culture through safety leadership. In his speech, Don Groover implores leaders to change their mindset when it comes to safety.

Paul Atchley

Paul Atchley gave an enlightening presentation for TEDx Talks at the TEDxYouthKC event in 2017 on the subject of how Distraction is Literally Killing Us. His research shows that drivers are four times more likely to get into a car crash while using their mobile phones – which is as bad or worse than drunk driving.

David Michaels, OSHA & John Howard, NIOSH

David Michaels served as the OSHA Administrator from 2009 - 2017 and John Howards began his third 6-year term as NIOSH Director in 2016. This video includes the passionate speeches they gave about the state of worker safety in the United States...