Safety Survival Guide

Quick & Easy Survival Guide to Keep OSHA Off Your Back

Answers to Questions Every Employer Needs to Know

This E-Book, written by, provides the 7 steps that every employer must be aware of and put in place to start a safety program. If you don't know where to start to set up your safety program, or you know that your safety program has gaps, this book is important reading. Download it, print it out, read it and share it with your management team. As a valued member of, we wanted to provide this important resource as our gift to you.

This survival guide will give you...

  • All 7 steps you need to have for a successful safety program
  • The questions most organizations have about each step
  • Comprehensive, but easy-to-understand answers to every question and solutions you can implement today
  • Expert advice from safety professionals with decades of experience
  • Links to forms and checklists that you might need
  • Exactly what you need to keep OSHA off your back

Quick & Easy Survival Guide

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