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How To Get The most Out of Your Safety Training Topics

The longer version of the weekly safety topic, the Manager’s Safety Presentation, has in-depth content including tips, reminders, statistics, OSHA standards, lessons learned and incident descriptions as well as high-resolution photos to ensure all crew members fully understand the importance of safety in all activities. These longer presentations are perfect for any team member to talk through: have your lead worker, an HR manager, a floor supervisor or the company owner talk through the presentation with the crews. Everyone can participate to make it clear that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

The short version of the weekly safety topic, also called the Foreman’s Topic, highlights the most important safety tips provided in the longer version Manager’s Presentation. If time is short and the crews need to get to work, don’t skip the safety meeting! Provide this training topic to the field supervisor and hold a toolbox talk or tailgate meeting right on the job site. Also consider, if you distribute hard-copy paychecks, the Foreman's Topic is perfect to print on a double-sided page and slip into your employee paychecks. In this way you can ensure that each member of your team gets the topic. It is an old-school practice, but it works!

The shortest version of the weekly safety topic, also called the Fast 1-Page Topic, provides a targeted lesson on a very specific topic that allows your team leader to provide a toolbox talk to your crews quickly and efficiently, while still providing high-quality content. Most 1-page topics also come with 1-2 discussion questions on each topic to promote worker interaction with the material.

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The safety sheets and toolbox talks found in the Curated Safety Topics section were not written by the team and every link will take you to the original link for the safety material. Use any of these short topics to add to your safety meeting plan if they pertain to your organization.

All topics are issued in a *.pdf format which means that they will look great on most computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.  If your team is spread out and often not at the same job site, you are authorized to email the individual topics to your employees for them to view on their devices.  You can even ask them to email you an acknowledgement so you can track who did or didn't read the safety topic of the week.

Quiz Time! There is a quiz and an answer sheet provided with every Manager's Presentation and Foreman's Topic - they work with either one! You can have employees complete the quiz after the safety meeting and review the answers together or offer the quiz questions verbally to the group at the end of the safety meeting to spark participation and discussion. Page 1 of the Quiz is blank and Page 2 of every Quiz is the Answer Key. Only print page 1 for the participants and provide the answer key to the meeting facilitator.

Track your training. For your convenience, a customized Sign-in Sheet is provided with every one of our safety topics. Any safety professional will tell you that if it isn't documented, it didn't happen.  Use a sign-in sheet with your team and have them sign off that they attended your meeting. If you are providing the presentation over a conference call or webinar then make a list of the participants, along with the date and time of your presentation.

Use our blank sign-in sheet for any of the free toolbox talks or your own safety training topics. Choose the PDF format for a quick download and print. Choose the Editable version to get the MS Word format that you can customize for your company.