Robin Sheremeta

Teck, Vice President Safety & Health Leadership
Speaking at the Teck 2012 Annual Meeting

As Teck’s Vice President of Health & Safety Leadership, Robin Sheremeta gave a great speech at the 2012 Teck Annual Meeting on Teck’s Safety Journey, including what’s next for their company as they continue to improve their safety program. Teck is Canada’s largest diversified mining company and is committed to responsible development.

Play the video above to listen to his speech as presented at the 2012 Teck Annual Meeting, or read through the transcript below.

The team at is passionate about safety and are thrilled to share this video in our Safety Masters series. The link to the entire transcript of his speech is below for you to read, be in awe of, learn from, be inspired by and share.

You will not find a transcript of this speech anywhere else! This is an exclusive from If you have just a few minutes, we encourage you to just skim the transcript.  In his speech, Robin Sheremeta will inspire you learn more about how values and beliefs play out in the way we behave as a culture as you work to create a connection between the heart and mind around safety.

Robin Sheremeta, Teck's Safety Journey
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